How to Fix Boot Camp Error on Mac

fix-boot-camp-errorBoot camp is a very powerful and useful utility that provide you the facility to create a new partition on the Mac hard drive. In the new partition you are allowed to install Windows OS on intel based system. At the start up you can choose which operating system you want ot work on. You can also access, move, copy the data in the Mac partition while you are working on Windows and vice versa. Despite of so much advanced features of Boot camp utility, there are some issues that can lead to boot camp error on Mac. You must know how to use Boot camp otherwise you may face data loss and it can be difficult for you to fix boot camp error on Mac. The errors can be while using boot camp software, first at the time of re-partitioning of the drive and another while installing the windows operating system. Lets look at them in details.

When you are partitioning the Mac hard drive for installing the new OS the partition can fail. The error message is shown such as “Verification failed the disk could not be partitioned” or “ the disk cannot be partitioned because some files cannot be moved. If the partition is failed during the process it can result in to severe data loss. If the partition is successful there can also be error while installing Windows like the installation may remain incomplete, the disk space was not sufficient for the installation of the OS or the sharing option on the system has been disabled. Some times it may corrupt the file system of the hard drive.

How to resolve Boot Camp Error on Mac Manually

  • Restart your Mac System by pressing the power button.
  • Insert the installation CD of Mac OS X in the optical drive.
  • When the system starts click the utilities and select the disk utility.
  • Now select the “ Macintosh HD” and click repair.
  • Make sure that Journaling option is enabled.
  • When the repair process is complete restart the computer and the Boot camp error on Mac is rectified.

But in case you have lost some data in this process you can recover it by using Mac data recovery software. It will scan the Mac drive for any lost or deleted data and then it will show you the preview of the files it found. You will now have to select the files you want and the software will restore them in the Mac drive. The software is quite easy to handle and will complete the process in very less time. Download the software and use it for an effective recovery after boot camp error on Mac fix.

Mac Data Recovery Software User Guide

Step 1 : Install the software and run it to select the recovery mode.

Step 2 : Select the drive you want to scan.

Step 3 : Choose the file type of the files you want to recover.

Step 4 : Select the scan method and then start scanning.

Step 5 : When the scan is complete select the location where you want to save the files.

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